Used Kitchens: Our Top Four Favourite Kitchens

You may have guessed, by now, that here at Kitchen Exchange we LOVE used kitchens. This isn’t just because we love the kitchens themselves. It is also because we know that when we sell you a used kitchen, that you will be 100% satisfied. Not only with the style and elegance that comes with buying a used kitchen, but also with the price.

In this week’s blog, we have put together a list of kitchens we have sold that really stood out from the crowd. You could use this as inspiration for your next kitchen, there may be elements of the kitchens we have sold previously that you love just as much as we did. So, you can use this blog as a guide to what works best in our used kitchens.

Used Holloways of Ludlow Bespoke Brushed Stainless Steel Designer Kitchen

Used Kitchen :Bespoke Designer

This Holloways of Ludlow stainless steel kitchen really struck us as an outstanding used kitchen. The stainless steel used throughout – for everything from the cupboard doors, to the fittings, to the drawer fascias – this is one stylish kitchen. The stainless steel gives it a stark, clinical look, which is perfect for anyone who wants their kitchen to have a minimal look. A shock of colour is added by the inclusion of the egg cups on the shelves, something you might like to consider to give your minimal used kitchen you own personal touch.

German Designer Kitchen in Grey Gloss with Siemens Appliances

German Designer Used Kitchen

We simply loved this Uber kitchen, finished in grey gloss. The detailing is of high quality, as the integrated appliances that were included with the kitchen fit like a glove (which you should expect from a designer kitchen such as this). The high gloss finish gives the kitchen that ‘like new’ look at all times, and we thought the inclusion of an HD television above the oven unit was a stroke of genius. Who doesn’t want to be entertained while they cook?!

“Mountshill” Olive Ash Kitchen With Quartz Worktops

Used Kitchen : “Mountshill” Olive Ash Kitchen

This “Mountshill” olive kitchen was one of our favourites, not only because of the minimal design but also because of the large island that dominated the centre of the kitchen space. We thought the contrast between the black and white design and the olive ash island really made the island stand out even more. The craftsmanship was also something we took great delight in, as all of the drawers featured dovetailed joints, making them sturdy and longlasting.

Poggenpohl Designer Kitchen

Poggenpohl Designer Used Kitchen

This stunning Poggenpohl kitchen jumps out as one of our all time favourites. Not only had it been installed but never actually used (so it was spotless), but it also featured a stunning breakfast bar, lovingly crafted from 100mm thick, solid nut tree wood. The appliances included in the price were top of the range Gaggenau devices, so we knew that whoever bought this kitchen would be delighted and they were getting a tremendous bargain. As if that wasn’t enough, the fridge freezer was veneered in nut wood, allowing it to blend in with the rest of the kitchen.


If you felt in love with this selection of our favourite kitchens, check out our current selection of beautiful used kitchens now!