Kitchen Styles: Our Top 5 Styles at Kitchen Exchange

It is a well-known fact that there are a great many different styles of kitchen. Here at Kitchen Exchange, we have many different ex display kitchen styles, from modern, minimalist kitchens, through to industrial kitchens, and traditional wooden kitchens.

We have put together this list which details our top five kitchen styles, all of which are available to buy through our store. If you are seeking inspiration for your next kitchen, then this blog can help you with design ideas. Much more can be found over at Houzz, which features several of our ideabooks; directories of styles, similar to a scrapbook, that give great inspiration when looking for a used designer kitchen.

You can also head to our web store to view the range of kitchens we have available, in the many different styles that kitchens come in! From Poggenpohl, through to Alno and Bulthaup, there are many different kitchens available. In the meantime, here are our top 5 kitchen styles.

Craftsman Kitchen Style

Craftsman Kitchen Styles

Craftsman kitchens tend to focus a lot on wooden features, with small glass apertures – often lit – in which to display ornamental pieces. Traditional materials such as wood, marble, and steel are often integrated into Craftsman style kitchens, with traditional features like tiling, built-in units, and wine racks. You can take a look at what a Craftsman style kitchen looks like in our online store, with this Solid Oak Bespoke Kitchen. The idea of a Craftsman kitchen is that it is (generally) manufactured from bespoke elements (either in part or in whole).

Modern Kitchen Style

Modern Kitchen Styles

A modern kitchen is exactly what it says it is. It will generally feature an array of technological gadgets that offer owners convenience as well as comfort. These handy appliances will often include some form of smart technology, which allows owners to control certain aspects of the kitchen via their smart devices. The kitchen itself will often feature clean lines and sleek, smooth preparation surfaces, with a mixture of wood and other materials combined to give the kitchen a more up-to-date effect. The modern kitchen style is designed to keep clutter to a minimum, so will feature plenty of built-in storage space.

Shaker Kitchen Style

Shaker Kitchen Styles

Shaker kitchens often feature aspects that lean towards a recognisable appearance, given that they are one of the most popular styles of kitchen available. They will include handcrafted elements such as newel posts, decorative pieces, arches or semi-arches, and will often feature vestige details which will give the kitchen the Shaker look. Wooden panels, typically oak but sometimes alternatives will be used, can be painted in muted tones to give the impression of a country cottage style. We have Shaker style kitchens in stock, including this Traditional Painted Solid Wood Kitchen which combines the classic Shaker panelling with some up-to-date painted finishes.

Country Kitchen Style

Country Kitchen Styles

A country kitchen style is one that can be described as being inviting and open, the heart of the home, if you will, where people will congregate during gatherings due to the cosy nature of the style. Country Kitchens will often feature either bold, bright paint schemes such as primary red or blue, or will tend towards a less striking affair, such as creams or off-whites, allowing the furniture to tell the story. The mix of finishes that a Country kitchen features will give it that inviting ‘lived-in’ feel.

Contemporary Kitchen Style

Contemporary Kitchen Styles

Contemporary kitchens offer opulence and modern design in great quantities. The kitchen appliances will often be produced by high-end manufacturers famed in kitchen circles, including the likes of Miele, Siemens, and Gaggenau. As well as the appliances, storage will often be integrated, giving the kitchen a minimal appearance and creating flush, flat vertical surfaces free of fuss and clutter. For an example of a luxury kitchen, check out this Hacker German Luxury Kitchen available in our store. Contemporary kitchens can best be described as having geometric features, and they often lack moulded features, keeping ornamentation to a minimum, of not removing it completely for that minimalist look.

If you fell in love with one of these kitchen styles, visit our website and find a new home to one of our beautiful ex display kitchens.