Kitchen DIY: 4 Top Tips to Improve Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen really is the heart of the home. The hub of activity where people gather, share and seek nourishment for both the stomach and the soul. You may have noticed that most people congregate in your kitchen during parties and other social gatherings. However, this may or may not be solely down to the fact that they are much closer to the alcohol!

Here, Kitchen Exchange offers you a selection of DIY tips that will set your kitchen space apart from your friends’ and family’s kitchens. You can use the ideas we have here, or you can take inspiration from them and really put your own stamp on your favourite room. Take a look at our simple, effective tips and liven up your kitchen in no time.

Paint your own kitchen splashback

Painted kitchen tiles

Splashbacks are useful kitchen commodities. They protect the area behind your hob and work surfaces from being damaged by hot fat, grease, and general kitchen grime. However, sometimes splashbacks can look more than a little dull. One way to remedy this is to paint your own splashback. For something really out of the ordinary, why not create your own tiles by painting on glass blocks, like in the illustration above? This will be very easy to clean and remove and build up of dirt from your wall.

Innovative kitchen spice racks

Colourful kitchen spice rack

We all know that spices come in all sorts of interesting colours and forms. From the intricate shape of star anise to the vibrant, colourful, lava-red of paprika, the spice rack can really brighten up your cooking area. If you’d like to switch things up a notch in the colour department, then it might be an idea to fill your spice jars with ‘dummy spices’, in some outrageous colours. This will add an interesting focal point to your room. Check out the image above to see exactly what we mean.

Ornate kitchen tablet holder

Kitchen Tablet Holder

If you are a budding chef, then no doubt you constantly have your tablet on the go looking for recipes or guiding you through the steps for your next culinary creation. If so, you’ve probably cursed yourself countless times due to a spillage coming dangerously close to your expensive tech. Or perhaps you’re continuously cleaning flour off the screen. Avoid such a future occurrence by hanging a fancy tablet holder from the underside of your cabinet. You will never have to worry about damaging your iPad again.

Kitchen countertops

Countertops that stand out can really set your kitchen apart from other kitchens. Especially if you’ve gone for something ‘out of the ordinary’. You might like to try mixing up materials, like in the wooden/marble combination illustrated above. Using this method, you not only make your innovative worktop look different and aesthetically pleasing, but you will also add functionality to your worktop. The marble area will allow you to chop food, while the wooden area can be used for storage and preparation. Ditch the chopping boards and relieve your cooking space of clutter for ever more.