Insane Food Photography That Will Blow Your Mind!


Insane Food Photography That Will Blow Your Mind!


On average, British citizens spend 5.9-hours a week in the kitchen. Around 290-hours a year. 3-years in a lifetime. But, how creative are we in the kitchen?

There is no denying that good food is pretty delicious. But what we all forget is that it can be beautiful too. Think of it this way, when was the last time you say and looked at the food you had cooked or had cooked for you? We all tend to jump straight into our dishes, tucking into the food and savouring all the flavours. However, we need to remember that food can be a treat for the eyes as well as for the taste-buds.

With bold colours, amazing textures and a whole host of different ways to present it, we think that the time has come to get creative with food. So, to give you a touch of inspiration for your next creation, we have put together some of these fantastic artists and the artistic creations they have managed to make with food alone.

Foodscapes by Carl Warner


Now, this may not be something that you can create at home, but we felt that we couldn’t have a creative food rundown without having Carl Warner feature in it at some point. This amazingly talented artist takes food and transforms it into a work of art. Landscapes and landmarks from around the world, all using images of food in a variety of forms. These pictures are not only great fun, but they also make us feel a little bit hungry too.

A sky made of prosciutto… yes, please!

carl warner


Creative High-Speed Photography by Egor N

Here is some high-speed photography at it’s best. Egor N creates unimaginably beautiful images with the, seemingly banal, cup, saucer and milk. He contrasts light and dark components in order to capture incredible, aesthetic pieces that make you wonder what you are missing with our ‘normal-speed’ eyes.


Simplistic Food by Mittongtare Studio


Photographer and food appreciator Pornchai Mittongtare is well known for taking a variety of foods and capturing their simplistic beauty in a photograph. Every element of his images are immaculately placed and there is something truly inspiring that these fantastic images portray. Pornchai achieves the incredible feeling that you are there in the same room as the pieces (or at least, you are desperate to be there).


Modernist Cooking by Nathan Myhrvold


We hear Nathan Myhrvold talking about re-imagining food and merging cooking and science into one new concept at a TED Talk conference back in 2011. Nathan brings new questions to the table, such as “why are woks the shape they are?” or “can we cook a burger to perfection?”. In his book, his passion for science, cooking and photography stand out above all but always accompanied by creativity. In this series of photographs, you can really appreciate the scientific side of an ingredient and the processes involved. When you are done here, make sure you check out all their images, there are some mind-boggling beauties in there.



Bringing Colour to your Kitchen with Wright Kitchen

Now we bring some colour to inspire you.  These are the wondrous Instagram masterpieces of Wright Kitchen. A collection of photographs that show the almost unexpected rainbow of colours that food can bring. Using a variety of fruits, vegetables and sweet treats, these images are astounding.

The cutest carrot on the planet?


Miniature Food World by Willy Rojas


Let’s enter the world in miniature, with Colombian Willy Rojas. The images that this particular artist creates are simply amazing. They use tiny people with a variety of food, to create scenes and activities that we can all recognise. These are fascinating creations and show just how much fun that you can have with food! Without having to cook it at all!


Experiments by Jess Bonham and Jamie Julien Brown

Love art that is a little on the quirky side? Think that the science of food is fascinating? Then you really need to check out these artists. They bring science, art and food together and we think that the results are pretty special. Jess Bonham and Jamie Julien Brown take the cocktail world to the next level by portraying a classic cocktail with their exact ratio of ingredients for each drink.

Cocktail: Whiskey Sour

Cocktail: Hot- Toddy

Cocktail: Margarita

Cocktail: Sea Breeze

Cocktail: Martini


Knitted Comfort Food by Jessica Dance & David Skyes

Redefining the definition of comfort café food, Jessica Dance has created a series of British classics made entirely out of lambswool. Through the scrupulous details and the life size scaling, from a distance, they can almost pass for the real thing!


Feeling ready to get creative for food? We have one last thing to leave you with has to be this amazing video. A satisfying spice bag explosion that is so fantastic that you can almost taste the flavours simply by watching it.

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