Used Kitchens

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Kitchen Exchange specialise in selling high-end, used and ex-display kitchens. Use this page to find out more about our services.

Eco-friendly choice

Buying used kitchens is becoming more popular across the UK due to great prices and lots of different variety of kitchens available. We have sold to a wide range of very satisfied customers who have embraced this modern way of buying and designing their kitchens.

Purchasing a used kitchen means that the appliances and materials used to manufacture that kitchen aren’t getting thrown away when they are in perfect condition. At Kitchen Exchange, we believe recycling This will ultimately contribute to a more sustainable society.

Make A Huge Saving

We all know that fitting a new kitchen is the biggest expense of any refurbishment or new build. With Kitchen Exchange, you can now make that purchase at a fraction of the retail cost. Buying a used kitchen from us, means you are guaranteed to get a great price. We are also always open to any sensible offers.

Quality Control

All used kitchens for sale are vetted before they appear on the Kitchen Exchange website and are thoroughly inspected in person where possible. We only take on used kitchens and appliances that meet our strict criteria in terms of quality, age and condition. If we are not happy with the used kitchen, it won’t be going displaying on our site.