Dismantle & Delivery

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Kitchen Exchange specialise in selling high-end, used and ex-display kitchens. Use this page to find out more about our services.


Specialist Kitchen Removal

Arranging the dismantle and delivery of a recently purchased used or ex-display kitchen can be a time-consuming chore. Kitchen Exchange offers the service of dismantling, storage, delivery and fitting through a trusted third party, The Kitchen Removal Company. Removing a kitchen, especially one installed into a home is a job for a professional to take care of. These specialist kitchen removers are fully insured which includes cover for all worktops (from the point at which the worktop is removed from the base units – they cannot be held responsible for pre-existing hairline fractures to the worktop).  Their success rate of damage-free worktop removal is 99%. Kitchen Exchange has been using and recommending The Kitchen Removal Company to all our customers looking for a dismantle and delivery service. They have successfully removed and delivered all manner of kitchens and have gathered a long list of happy clients along the way.

Professionally Wrapped & Packed

All kitchens, whether ready for collection or delivery are professionally wrapped and packed. No island, worktop or appliance will get damaged as we ensure proper protection around the whole object.


Whether buying or selling a kitchen, we need to know the route the kitchen needs to come out from/go in to. If the fitters have to navigate tight spaces, steps or stairs it may add to the overall cost of removal. Please notify us in advance of any potential issues. We will not take any risk in damaging your property, so we will always find a safe way to get the kitchen out your property.



Kitchen Exchange delivers throughout the whole UK. All kitchens that are transported within the UK are done so by van. We also use specialist tools to transports kitchens out of homes meaning there is no risk of damaging the kitchen.


The cost of delivering a kitchen varies from location to location. The price will be based on how far the kitchens will have to travel and if it is being stored in our facilities or not.  To get a quote on Dismantle & Delivery please get in touch with us by calling us to 0800 999 6889 or by emailing us to info@kitchenexchange.co.uk


Typically, Kitchen Exchange can offer same day uninstallation and delivery to your property. If you are located a long distance away from you purchased kitchen then expect next day delivery.


If you are not yet ready to install your kitchen into your property, Kitchen Exchange can offer to store your kitchen for as long as you may require. Storage charges apply. If you choose to use our storage service, just know your kitchen is guaranteed to be safe and you can choose to have it delivered anytime!


Service Enquiries

If you would like a quote on a dismantle and delivery service, please feel free to email us at: info@kitchenexchange.co.uk or call on us 0800 999 6889