How to run a greener and cheaper kitchen

How to run a greener and cheaper kitchen


Whether you’re looking to play your part in saving the environment or wanting to reduce the running cost of your kitchen. We will provide you with a detailed blog of all the things you can do to make your run a  more cost-effective and eco-friendly kitchen. We will also talk about the things that you can get rid of in your kitchen today and use what you already have or replace them with greener options.


Reuse Plastic Bags and Bottles

Piles of plastic bags and plastic bottles dumped on land

A million plastic bottles are sold every minute, and over a million plastic bags are consumed every minute. Plastic can be recycled 7-9 times before it is no long recyclable, but it can be used many more times than this. Plastic bags can be reused in many different ways, for example as bin liners, wrapping fragile items, putting them over ripe fruits on a tree to stop them getting damaged/eaten and wrapped around car mirrors during cold weather to stop freezing, among others. Think twice before you chuck any away after you’ve come home from the supermarket. These items are two of the most damaging to our environment, it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose and up to 1000 years for a plastic bag.


Cook in Bulk to Save Time and Energy

Person cooking a large meal to save money and time

Just like the title of this section suggests, cooking in bulk will save tons of energy (which saves money) and time. Pasta is a great example, you can cook a whole bag of big pasta and leave it in the fridge to have throughout the rest of the week. Cooking in bulk will also mean you have to clean less meaning you use less water, washing up liquid and time spent drying. It’s all perks!  Taking your own food to work is also better as buying it from the shops means you are chucking packaging away, so always try and cook for the next day to take into work. If you are using plastic tupperwares, switch to glass! Not only it is a lot more environmentally friendly, but also glass tupperwares will last longer.


Kitchen Utensils You Definitely Don’t Need in the Kitchen

Kitchen utensils that you dont need in your kitchen

There are many things in the kitchen that we just don’t need. Not only will you save money not buying these items, but you will also help the environment by not throwing away these items when they break, or when you get new ones. Instead of using a pizza wheel, a knife or some scissors will do just fine. Replace all your single-use tools, such as any fruit cutters/gadgets,  an egg poacher, and even a rolling pin, as a wine bottle will do just as good as of a job. Knife blocks or a large number knife set is also not needed, of course, a few different sized knives are fine. Juicing machines are probably one of the biggest utensils that shouldn’t be anyone’s kitchen because the juicing process takes out the fibre in the fruit, so you are just basically drinking sugar water and vitamins.


Kitchen Utensils You Should Consider Buying

Kitchen utensils that are eco-friendly and save you money

Nowadays there are many great kitchen utensils and gadgets out there that we should take advantage of! First up, we highly recommend getting a smart meter so you can see exactly how much energy you are using, and how much you are spending. Eco-friendly or greener cleaning products are a no-brainer. They do the same job as normal cleaning products and are less harsh on the environment. Plastic straws are a causing a big problem in terms of pollution so a great alternative that you should get are long lasting straws, they are typically either made out of metal or bamboo. LED light bulbs should not only be fitted in your kitchen but also across the whole house as they are much more energy efficient than older bulbs.

Recycle (and use the brown bin!)

Most councils offer a small brown bin/caddy for waste of all your uncooked and cooked foods, fruits and vegetables. All waste will be processed and used as fertiliser or turned into biogas (which helps to create energy). These small bins stop a large amount of waste getting dumped so we recommend you get one, especially because they are free! Glass containers are something you should consider buying as they last longer than plastic ones and are safer to use after continuous washing and usage. Smart indoor gardens such as the one sold by Click and Grow are a great way to grow your own vegetables and keep track of the progress. Not only does this mean your vegetables are homemade but it also means you won’t have any packaging to throw away like supermarket bought veg.


Fill Your Dishwasher

A full dishwasher

Dishwashers are probably one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen and without them, there would be many more arguments about who would have to do the washing up! The average dishwasher uses around 3-5 gallons of water, cleaning the same amount of plates and cutlery by hand would use around 27 gallons of water. Most dishwashers also have built-in heaters that warm up water much more efficiently than from your taps. To take advantage and get the most out of the energy and water being used in your dishwasher, try to always put a full load on. This will help the environment and save you money!


Freeze Food

Frozen food in the freezer to be eaten later

It’s important to get into a good habit of freezing left-over food. If you don’t already, then not only are you chucking away perfectly good food, but you are also wasting time and money by buying and cooking more unnecessary food. There are many foods that can be kept for a long time, even if they go stale. Bread is a great example because if it goes stale you can ground up the remaining bread and freeze it to use as breadcrumbs later. Having a fuller freezer is also more economical as you are using the same amount of energy regardless of how full it is.



Greener Worktops

close up of a kitchen worktop made from wood

All the things mentioned above to help your kitchen become greener and eco-friendlier are pretty easy to follow and we should be trying our best to do these things on a regular basis. If you want to take it to the next level, then we are going to give you list of eco-friendly worktops that you should be using. Wood is obviously a very green material and can look very appealing in any kitchen. It is also quite cheap compared to other materials, but it can easily get water damaged and scratched. Granite is another great option, it is highly durable, and it polishes up very well. It should be treated from time to time to increase its lifetime and appearance. One material that is becoming more popular and starting to gain a reputation for being luxurious and high-end, is concrete. There are many types of finishes and shades you can get with concrete, so you have the freedom to style it how you like. It is also probably one of the most durable worktops and will last many years in a great condition. A major downside is how expensive it is to install and maintain, as it needs to be sealed roughly every 2 years. Lastly, a super eco-friendly material is recycled glass. There are many benefits to having recycled glass worktops including, durability, stain proof, a large variety of styles and of course how green it is. A downside is that it can crack, but because of how strong it is, it would need to be a very powerful force. 

All materials mentioned are eco-friendlier than a lot of other materials, but remember, no matter the material, try to buy it locally to reduce transportation pollution and costs.


Sell Your Old Kitchen

Women on her laptop in the kitchen selling her old kitchen

In order to help someone else achieve a green kitchen, why not sell your old one to them? Selling your old kitchen is a great way to help the environment and get some extra money, rather than dumping it. There are plenty of companies that will buy your used kitchen and even more customers that would be happy to buy your kitchen. If you are not looking to sell your whole kitchen but maybe an appliance or unit, Kitchen Exchange will happily take a look and buy it from you. Visit the ‘Sell My Kitchen’ page to find out how you can sell your used kitchen quickly and easily!


Buy A Second-Hand Kitchen

A customer buying a used kitchen on Kitchen Exchange's website

The ultimate way to be eco-friendly and help out the environment! There are plenty of advantages to buying a used kitchen compared to a new kitchen. The price and environmental factors, of course, stand out. Kitchen Exchange will offer up to 90% off used kitchens, including designer names such as Boffi, Bulthaup, Eggersman, Pedini, Poggenphol, SieMatic, Smallbone and Varenna. What more, the condition of each used kitchen is inspected by us to ensure you receive a great quality kitchen.

All dismantling and installations are also looked after by us, so you don’t have to worry about spending time searching around for companies. We also offer a storage service to allow you the option to store your newly bought used kitchen if you are not yet ready to install it into your property. If you think you are ready to browse our large range of used kitchens, click here to visit our online shop or get in contact with us by calling us on 0800 999 6889 or dropping us an emailing at