Lube Cucine Kitchens

Founded in 1967, it only took a few years for the company to be widely known and build a reputation in the kitchen industry in 1974. The company was restructured in 1993 in which the LUBE group was formed and has continued to grow to one of the top Italian kitchen manufactures. In 2016 the LUBE group achieved production of over 300 kitchens in over 60 countries… each day! Lube Cucine produces three different kitchen ranges, with multiple sub-ranges in each. The ranges are modern kitchens, classic kitchens and the Borgo Antico Collection. The production of a Lube Cucine kitchen is carefully managed in terms of pollution produced. The whole of the LUBE group only uses ecological panels that have caused no harm to the environment. Tables and chairs by Lube Cucine are also sold if you wish to add to your kitchen.

Used Italian Designer Handleless Kitchen with Siemens Appliances

£ 5,950

Used Italian Designer Kitchen made by Italian manufacturers, Lube Cucine  – – this designer handleless kitchen is approximately 4 years old. The kitchen is in excellent condition and has been well looked…