Keller Kitchens

Gerd Keller started off manufacturing parquet floors (1935). Shortly after, Gerd and his brother formed together to open their company. They started off producing furniture due to the fact that the materials they needed such as timber was scare, due to the war. At the end of 1946 a large building company order 1000 kitchens from Keller, this is where their kitchen production started. In 1948 they decided to start making luxury kitchens, in which they first exported them in 1983. Finally, in 2000, Keller decided to focus on manufacturing only kitchens. Today Keller have around 250 employees and they are always looking to expand the company to provide more customers with their beautiful kitchens. Apart from producing great, affordable kitchens, Keller also plays a large part in minimising pollution from production. Not only do they use a carbon-neutral process, but they also have received awards for their environmental management, along with their co2 reduction and local initiatives.

Brand New Installed but Unused Keller Kitchen – QUICK SALE!

£ 750 was £ 1,950

A brand new, installed but never used Keller kitchen with granite worktops and solid oak detachable breakfast bar. The kitchen must be removed by Monday 13th February 2017. No appliances included apart from…