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First Steps Towards Innovation Leadership

Since it’s foundation in 1949, Bulthaup has evolved not only as a kitchen manufacturer but also as a pioneer in kitchen design innovation. Martin Bulthaup founded Bulthaup in Herford, which used to be the centre of the furniture industry in Germany.

In the 50’s however,  Bulthaup traved to Bavaria in order to try and achieve his vision of what a kitchen should look like, as well as adopting production methods used by highly skilled artisans based there. In a short amount of time, the company built up a good reputation allowing it to start supplying to the whole of Germany.

The young team working for Bulthaup make a name for themselves and throughout the 60s, investments in production facilities, growing staff members and factory expansions all rapidly take place.

In 1974 production of the ‘Concept 12’ kitchen begins and it soon becomes the foundation for Bulthaups innovation.

Bulthaup "Concept 12" Kitchen

At the time, people were amazed by its practical design, unusual elements and clever installation. This was the turning point for bulthaup kitchens. Intelligent installation and planning concept became the main innovation points.


“Form Follows Function”

Soon after their “Concept 12” creation bulthaup joins the Bauhaus movement with a “form follows function” approach to their kitchen designs. The Bauhaus movement is described as a combination of the Arts & Crafts movement with modernism, with an emphasis on function and, as stated by the Tate Modern it’s “aim to bring art back into contact with everyday life”.

Gerd Bulthaup, son of the company’s founder and now head of the company, partners up with Otl Aicher who in 1982 published the book “The Kitchen is fo Cooking”. A new kitchen philosophy based on extensive research into living and eating habits all over the world.

As a result of this research system b kitchen is born.

Bulthaup "system b" kitchen

The introduction of System b to the bulthaup collection is a result of pure ergonomics rather than design, a space designed to stand out for it’s efficient working environment.

Soon after, Bulthaup invents the kitchen workbench to create a solution for changing times. This newly produced appliance is designed to allow all elements of a kitchen to be placed into one area, on a free-standing unit.

Bulthaup Kitchen Workbench


The Kitchen, The New “living space”

During the 90’s bulthaup launches the modular system 25 and sets a new standard and expectation for luxury kitchens. The main focal point of the kitchen was how its design showed that living culture and functionalism do not have to fight against each other but should complement one another like the system 25 proved.

Bulthaup currently manufactures three models, each design enhances different elements of the kitchen and has a unique structure to it; the chuncky, handless units in b1, the tool cabinet and workbench in b2 and the functional wall in b3.

“The classical separation between the kitchen and livingroom vanished” CEO Marc O. Eckert.


bulthaup b1 focuses on economic design with handless appliances that create an unbroken, free-flowing area combined with tidy aesthetics which allow it to show off its simplicity. To create a solid and trustworthy visual appearance, heavy and ‘honest’ geometric shapes are used with bright colours (mainly white) to bring this kitchen to life. In an interview Martin tell us that the b1 system “stands for the ultimate simplicity.”

bulthaup b1

The most compact and functional kitchen of the three systems, bulthaup b2 creates a workshop like atmosphere. Both practical and efficient, the workbench and the tool cabinet are at the forefront of this system. The workbench allows a work surface, cooking area, water point and an eating area to be in one place, while the tool cabinet displays your kitchen utensils that are easy to access and are stored to your preference. The only other object in this system is the kitchen appliance cabinet, meaning the b2 can be arranged and adapted easily to fit the room.

Bulthaup b2

bulthaup b3 enhances and merges the kitchen/ living space environment. A kitchen island and a multi-functional wall incorporated with precise lines truly do make this kitchen the definition of minimalism as well as luxury. The aesthetics and functionality of the b3 translate into a kitchen that can be configured in any formation the customer wants. Quite often high-quality wood is a popular choice for customers to incorporate into their kitchen, but hundreds of other top-quality materials are available to choose from. Newly introduced draws allow any person to choose the size of increments/ sections in the drawers, meaning you can organise and store your own cutlery and tools the way you want to.bulthaup b3Source

Bulthaup also offers b Solitaire which is a range of furniture to accommodate your everyday needs. The furniture includes tables, benches, side tables and shelfs. Each piece can come in different materials and sizes, depending on your preferences. As well as the b Solitaire, bulthaup has its own line of kitchens accessories including, a bread container, a bread cutting board, chopping boards, wooden crates and containers, a foil roll holder, storage jars, a trivet, salt and pepper mills and leather pot cloths.

b solitaire bulthaup


Bulthaup Ex-Display Kitchens

Because bulthaup kitchens are very well built, they still remain in amazing quality even after years of being used. The price of bulthaup ex-display kitchens (while still being in excellent condition) will be a bargain. Quite often they’ll go for 50%-70% off the original price, we’ve had bulthaup ex-display kitchens in perfect conditions sold for over 90% off the RRP. That’s why they always sell well on Kitchen Exchange! Please feel free to browse our range of bulthaup kitchens.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by either calling us on 0800 999 6889 or emailing us at info@kitchenexchange.co.uk.