The Top 10 Ways to Personalise Your Worktop

The Top 10 Ways to Personalise Your Worktop

We often shy away from personalising our kitchens, not realising it’s an option. So we’ve gathered the top 10 ways to personalise your worktop and make your kitchen truly unique, even when you choose to buy an Ex-display kitchen. Just because you’ve purchased one of our complete and well-designed kitchens, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some of your own personality to it once it becomes yours. With these creative countertop ideas you get a fully functional kitchen in every way, plus a little extra detail that makes it extra exciting and completely your own.

Sparkly worktops


Group-Rainbow-sparkle-sample-IMG_6323-e1421281561263 (1)


With a sparkly worktop you get a smooth surface that does everything you need it to do, with the added bonus that it always looks – very literally – sparkling and clean. Sparkly worktops can come in almost any colour, so you can make your worktop the main visual highlight of your kitchen. Sparkling worktops are particularly impressive on sunny days, when your whole kitchen will twinkle in the light it reflects.

Chalk worktop


If there’s one place you need to restock over and over again, it’s your kitchen. How many times have you forgotten to pick up milk, pet food or those all-important tea bags, just because you never wrote it down when you realised you’d run out.

A worktop with a chalkboard built into it was made for times like this. Just write down what you need as soon as you realise you need it, and then whenever you’re about to head out, take a photo of your worktop so you can see what to pick up.

Worktop with Pennies


Loose change can be a pain, hanging around in jars, wallets and between sofa cushions. There’s usually so much that it seems to be everywhere, but not enough to actually buy anything useful with.

Now you can turn your collection of copper into a kitchen counter that looks much more expensive than it actually is. The coppery tones of the coins add a classic finish to your kitchen counter, and they’re an unusual touch that will intrigue your visitors too.

Reclaimed Wood Worktop




Balance all the chrome and polished floors of your new kitchen with a bit of natural imperfection, by adding a reclaimed wood worktop.

Unlike a smoother, tamed wooden surface – the kind you might have tables or kitchen cupboards made from – reclaimed wood is as close to its natural state as possible.

A reclaimed wood worktop has a flat surface that’s been treated to protect it from the wear and tear of daily use, but still has a wild and rustic finish that adds a bit of the outdoors to your kitchen.





Quartz is a natural material that’s harder than just about anything you can make a worktop out of.

Your quartz worktop can be personalised to your taste with lots of colour options and additional bits of other materials thrown in to add an extra touch of interest.

You might find specks of glass, for example, which break up the colour of the worktop, giving it two colours instead of just one.





It seems as though almost every device you can get for your home these days is able to connect to the internet, whether it’s your speakers, your TV or your fridge. Taking that concept to the next level, why not get an interactive worktop as well?

With an interactive worktop, you get to put all that flat space to good use as a touchscreen computer as well as a place to chop your vegetables. Perfect for looking up recipes as you cook, or watching TV as you wait for your cakes to rise.

Recycled glass


Recycled glass is an eco friendly and interesting alternative to regular granite or marble countertops, and every single one is slightly different.

The glass can be a single colour or multicoloured, and can be set in concrete to give you an extra tough finish.

Although the recycled glass gives your worktop an artistically uneven look, it’s just as smooth and flat as you need it to be for food prep and for cleaning.

Glass and LED




The advantage of using glass as a material for your kitchen countertop is that it can be clear, and that opens up all sorts of possibilities for adding extra visual elements to your kitchen.

One of the most exciting things you can do is add LED lights to your glass counter, so the whole thing lights up in your favourite colour, and can even change colour if you like.




A mosaic pattern doesn’t have to be reserved for your kitchen tiles, because you can also incorporate it into your worktop.

Choose your own colour scheme and cover your work surfaces with either a random arrangement of tiles or tiles arranged into a picture or pattern.

Printed splashback




If you want to add some personality to your kitchen, but you’ve already committed to your worktops, there is one other place you can get creative – your splashback.

With a printed splashback you can choose from an almost infinite number of colours, patterns and pictures, so decorate your kitchen with a flowery meadow, a blue sky, or a geometric rainbow.

Are you inspired by our brilliant ideas and would like to try it out yourself? Find your own Used or Ex-Display kitchen and personalize it as you wish!