The Food Of Love? Bringing Valentine’s Day Into The Kitchen

On first reflection, it might seem that only the bravest partner would dare to bring the kitchen into their plans for Valentine’s Day – after all, isn’t the day all about celebrating and spoiling your loved one, rather than making meals and cleaning? Yet the kitchen can provide plenty of inspiration when planning the perfect Valentine’s Day. Here’s how.

The food of love

If you are a dab hand in the kitchen, you might like to cook a romantic meal for you and your partner. This is where a well-stocked, cleverly designed kitchen will come into its own. Cooking a meal or baking a cake using top quality pots and pans, then serving it on sparkling clean plates with gleaming cutlery and glasses will get you well and truly into your loved one’s good books. Or if cooking is not your forte, how about ordering a huge bowl of fruit, or bringing your Valentine breakfast in bed? Lay out some delicious pastries, make coffee and offer the chance for a long, luxurious lie-in – with or without you – in bed.

Roses are red…

Flowers tend to say it best – different blooms convey different messages and they can certainly warm the heart and capture the soul of your romantic interest. You may like to bring your Valentine some flowers or have a bunch delivered to their home or office. However, true dedication could be said to involve a little more effort. It may be a bit late for this Valentine’s Day, but why not make a plan to grow your own plants so you can offer flowers cultivated by your own hand next year? If you don’t have a garden, this needn’t stop you – plant some miniature roses, hyacinths or even some beautifully fragrant herbs in pots in the kitchen and demonstrate just how committed you can be.

A clean start

OK, so this may not top the list of all-time most romantic gestures ever seen, but never underestimate the power of having extra help around the home. Paying for a deep clean of the kitchen, for example, will win you multiple Brownie points with your loved one – whether you normally do the cleaning or they do, or you work as a team. Use the time that’s freed up by the cleaner to grab a romantic walk together or go out for a meal. Pop into your favourite deli on the way home for some delicious Valentine’s Day supper, snacks or wine to enjoy in your newly clean home.

Designs on love

If you are all about the dramatic gesture, why not think a bit bigger and go for a larger gift. The choice is up to you and what you think your Valentine might appreciate. Would they love a balloon ride? A weekend away or a piece of jewellery? Or even something for the home like – you guessed it – a redesigned kitchen? Budget for this varies wildly, but there are many beautiful ex-display kitchens available that offer quality and style at a competitive price. Obviously, this choice depends on how well you think your recipient will take it – perhaps this is one occasion where practicality and prior discussion must supersede the desire for a cute, romantic surprise.