The American Kitchen

The inauguration of a new American president has put the USA at the top of the news agenda this month. Whatever we may, or may not think of the new man at the top, the ‘American dream’ has been providing interior design inspiration for decades. Here’s how to bring an American feel into your new, current or ex-display kitchen this year.

Big is beautiful

Much of what America finds popular involves some sort of scaling up. From mega burgers to muscle cars, our US cousins aren’t afraid to make a statement about size. This bold approach can be easily transferred to the kitchen, even if the physical room is not that big. It’s all about the attitude, so go for large fridges, broad ovens and deep sinks. Hang large pictures on the walls and choose brash prints for kitchen fabrics, such as curtains, blinds or tea towels. Invest in some massive cooking pots and pans so you can cook up super-sized casseroles and pies over the winter.

Red, white and blue

Nothing welcomes ‘Uncle Sam into the home more than a splash of red, white and blue. The options for this colour combination trend are practically endless, with themed counter tops, cupboards and shelves, patriotic kettles, toasters and utensil pots, or even ‘stars and stripes’ crockery, fruit bowls, cutlery and glassware available to buy. You might like to do some research into vintage American kitchens – there is plenty of U.S. kitchenalia out there online to snap up for a bargain price.

Shake it all about

One American style that has planted itself firmly in our hearts and homes is the charming Shaker theme. Based on the simplicity, utility and honesty of its religious roots, the design focuses on simple silhouettes, practical shapes and limited, restful colour palettes. Furniture often is, or gives the impression of being handcrafted and recycled from older versions in a bid to reflect a more modest design style. Such a straightforward approach to interior design has proven perennially popular in an increasingly complicated world.

Family fun

An enduring image of the ‘all-American’ family is one of health, enthusiasm and pulling together in love. In fact, such a warm and hopeful image can be seen in all kinds of countries the world over. A family focus can be reflected in the kitchen by making sure any new design incorporates the needs of every single family member. So whether the ‘soccer mom’ wants lots of space to clean muddy boots, or the Ivy League student needs a quiet table to revise, everyone’s wishes be taken into account when the kitchen is being redesigned.