Ten top tips from Kitchen Exchange on how to make Mother’s Day

Families across the UK are preparing to give mums the best Mothers’ Sunday ever on Sunday 26 March. To honour the contributions mothers, grandmothers, relatives and carers make to families across the country, used kitchen specialist, Kitchen Exchange is offering ten top kitchen-themed ideas for treating mums this Mothers’ Day:

Start the day with breakfast in bed. This is an easy way to bring a smile to mum’s face and can involve the whole family. Younger members can design the menu, pour the fruit juice and gather some flowers from the garden, while the older ones can occupy themselves with preparing mum’s favourite hot drink and morning meal.

Clean the kitchen. Don’t let mum come face to face with dirty dishes from the night before, or surfaces covered in crumbs. Take some time to tidy and clean the kitchen before she comes downstairs.

It might be less than glamorous, but why not hire a professional oven cleaning company to make the oven sparkling clean as a little extra gift to the family this Mothers’ Day?

Show you care by using the kitchen to make mum some homemade presents. Ideas include drawing a card on the kitchen table, making some easy cupcakes or sweets for her and putting together a posy of flowers.

While some of the more practical kitchen appliances can go down like the proverbial lead balloon when presented as a gift, if you choose carefully, you can find ideas that spark genuine joy. Beautiful linen, crockery or glassware, for example, or a quirky blind that fits in with the kitchen colour scheme.

If you’re not eating out for lunch, set up a kitchen café for your mum to enjoy her favourite treats at home. Serve her tea or coffee with some special cakes or biscuits and lay the table nicely for added visual effect.

‘Foodie’ mums may want to have their say in the main Mothers’ Day meal and may appreciate being given some lovely ingredients as a present to add to the special meal, or to cook for another occasion. Do some online research to discover hundreds of options for unusual ingredients and delicious hampers.

Gather in the kitchen for a family baking day, making cakes together or creating a wonderful roast dinner. Just don’t leave mum with the washing up afterwards!

Plant some herbs in pots to cultivate in the kitchen, evoking beautiful scents as a reminder of the day.

Take pictures of mum and her family on Mothers’ Day and frame them to hang in the kitchen afterwards, where she will see and enjoy them every day.