Spring in the kitchen

Spring is officially here and where better to celebrate the fresh new season than in the kitchen? Here are some fun ways to welcome in the spring and make the most of the busiest room in the house. Whether it is a luxury bespoke kitchen or a designer ex display kitchen, the whole family can enjoy a taste of spring.

Fun with food and drink

As the clocks go forward and the days get longer, take turns to treat a family member to breakfast in bed so they can relax and watch the sun rise in peace. This can involve the whole family. Younger members can design a menu, pour the fruit juice and gather some flowers from the garden, while the older ones can occupy themselves with preparing the lucky recipient’s mum’s favourite hot drink and morning meal.

Spring cleaning

Give the kitchen a thorough spring clean this month to get rid of the grease and crumbs and bring back shiny surfaces and gleaming windows. If you prefer to usenatural cleaning products, lemon juice is an excellent de-scaler for kettles and water filters, while a paste of baking soda mixed with water will make short work of cleaning the oven. Rub a scrunched up piece of newspaper over the windows to get a nice shine with no chemical residue.

Get crafty

Spend the day in the kitchen, making spring-themed gifts for upcoming birthdays and events. Or, if you have just installed a used or ex-display kitchen, make something to add an individual touch or two to it. You could paint a picture for the wall, sew some napkins or tea towels or even bake a cake to get delicious aromas wafting around the room.

Finishing touches

Another way to freshen up a kitchen is to add some new appliances and utensils that spark joy and renew an interest in cooking and fine dining. Beautiful pieces of crockery or glassware, for example, or a quirky set of serving dishes. You can find lovely examples in charity shops, many of which can turn out to be vintage and worth more than you paid for them.

Bring the outdoors in

Plant some herbs in pots to display on the windowsill and use in cooking throughout the month. You make also like to have some spring bulbs around to brighten up the room and add beautiful scent. Other ideas for bringing nature indoors include making displays of interesting pebbles, twigs and ferns in a large vase of glass bowl. Have some creative fun!