Shades of grey – Kitchen Designs

Grey can be one of the most versatile colours there is when it comes to your kitchen. From dark, brooding granites to sparkling metallic silvers, it can slip into any design theme effortlessly. Grey can tone down a multi-coloured room or brighten up an otherwise monotone, modernistic vibe. Here are some ways to introduce this flexible colour into your kitchen this season.


Smooth granite worktops look stunning and stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Choose whichever shade you want to suit the rest of the room, but avoid going too dark or you will make the space look smaller. If your budget doesn’t quite run to granite, consider cheaper laminate versions for the same visual effect. Grey stone or slate tiles look fantastic on the floor, especially in larger rooms that have plenty of natural light.

Furniture and fittings

Silvery-grey appliances, including fridges, freezers and ovens can look extremely stylish and can pull the look of a whole room together. If you can, continue the theme with a stainless steel sink. Choose lighter cupboard doors, however, to avoid the ‘inside of a spaceship’ look. To break up larger areas of grey, accessorise with a contrasting colour, such as yellow or pink. You can do this cheaply by introducing tea towels, tablecloths and blinds, or by hanging pictures on the wall in your chosen accent colours.

Gadgets in grey

If you just want to add splashes of grey to your kitchen without re-doing the whole decor, get hold of some grey gadgets. Toasters, kettles, coffee machines, bread machines… the list is long, and the majority of kitchen gadgets come in grey or silver. You can get the same effect by adding non-electrical grey items, such as utensil holders, washing up bowls and racks, saucepans and wine racks. The beauty of this approach is that you can switch things around very easily when you fancy a change.

Finishing touches

You can bring grey into almost any aspect of your kitchen. Paint or paper the walls, perhaps leaving one feature wall to break things up. Add a silver shimmer with pretty lampshades, picture frames, clocks, knick knacks and fruit bowls. You could even go for grey mugs, cups and plates, but again, avoid overdoing it and making the room look too dark or monotone. Place a plush, grey doormat by the entrance, and you are good to go.