How To Sell My Kitchen Online

If you’re looking to get rid of your old kitchen to replace it with a newer model, think twice before you put a perfectly good kitchen in the skip. You may be wondering “can I really sell my kitchen online?” As long as your kitchen is in good condition, it could be loved and appreciated in a new home and you could make some money at the same time. The process of selling a kitchen might seem daunting and complex, but with this simple step-by-step guide and the help of Kitchen Exchange it can be quick, simple and profitable.

1. Do an Inventory


sell kitchen inventory

The first thing you need to do is take stock of your kitchen. Make a note of the brand and model, as well as any flaws. Take detailed measurements and list the different elements that the kitchen includes. For example the number of drawers, cupboards, any additional features that make up the kitchen as a whole. You’ll need to enter this information in your submission form for potential buyers to see.

2. Do a Deep Clean


sell kitchen clean up

Clean the surfaces thoroughly, get into the corners of the cupboards and drawers, and wipe down the vertical surfaces as well as the horizontal ones. You’d be surprised how easily spills can build up on lower level cupboard doors without you noticing.

3. Photos


sell kitchen photos

Good photos are extremely important. Think about how you chose the design of your kitchen in the first place – the chances are you first saw kitchens you liked in lovely professional photos where they were installed in bright and flawlessly tidy homes (completely unrealistic for most normal people). Don’t worry though, you don’t need to make huge changes to get nice photos of your kitchen, you just need to stick to a few basics.

    • Try to minimise photos that have a window in the background unless you can draw down a blind. This sort of light can make your kitchen itself look dark and it can be hard to see it properly.
    • Add a couple of nice but neutral touches like a vase of flowers and a tea towel hanging up somewhere. This helps to make it look more homely and means people can imagine the kitchen in their home too.
    • Try to make sure you only capture the kitchen and the space it’s in, and not any of your other rooms. This is particularly important for open plan rooms, and also helps potential buyers to imagine the kitchen in their own home rather than yours.
    • Use a good quality camera or camera phone. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer or use a professional camera as long as you get clear and bright photos of your kitchen.
    • Try a few different angles including one straight on that takes in all of the kitchen at once. And a couple of different side angles, as well as a few details like the handles and worktop. Remember these need to be attractive photos but they also need to give potential buyers all the visual information they need.

Show your images to someone who hasn’t seen your kitchen in real life, and ask them which ones they like best.


4. Think About Removal


sell kitchen removal

Don’t forget to factor in the dismantling and removal of your kitchen as well as the delivery to the successful buyer.

How would you like to do this? Who will pay for it? Would you allow the buyer to do it or would you rather it be done by a professional to minimise the chances of any damage? How will you ensure the kitchen is kept safe in transit?

If you’re selling your kitchen through us, we have a specialist dismantling and delivery service which will take care of this for you, using professionals who know how to take your kitchen out and move it where it needs to be without any damage.

What now?

If you’re ready to sell your kitchen through the Kitchen Exchange you can get started today. You can also sell your kitchen directly to the Kitchen Exchange and we’ll offer you a fair price as well as excellent service.