Poggenpohl: A Brief History

Mention the name Poggenpohl to any interior design aficionado and you are likely to be met with a knowing look and a conversation pertaining to the finer aspects of kitchen ornamentation. The reason for this is a simple one. Poggenpohl is not only the oldest kitchen designer and manufacturer in the world, it is also the most incomparable.

It is no coincidence that their kitchens combine unremittingly accurate specifications with luxurious design. The company was initially founded in Germany, by a designer named Friedemir Poggenpohl. His mission was a simple one. He aimed to improve the lives of homeowners by developing the kitchen into a room in which one would want to spend their valuable time.

Poggenpohl are genuine tastemakers in terms of kitchen design. They are responsible for the development of one of the most pioneering, yet simple, space-saving kitchen innovations; the kitchen island. Allowing complete freedom of movement around a central area of the kitchen, the island offers additional space for those who wish to prepare food in an environment that remains free of clutter.

Poggenpohl kitchen

The company was also responsible for the design and manufacture of the first kitchen furniture finished in white lacquer – surely, now, one of the most recognisable and widely used methods of presenting furnishings in the kitchen area. Add to this the fact that they improved the comfort (and posture!) of kitchen users, by altering worktop heights to make them more ergonomically friendly, and you genuinely have a company that has spearheaded kitchen modernism.

Look around any kitchen today and you will notice that it (generally) is formed from a number of modular units, all of which are then interconnected in order to give the kitchen its overall space and shape. Poggenpohl was responsible for the design and manufacture of the kitchen unit back in 1950, something that has now become industry standard across the board, and has been imitated endlessly.

At the same time, Poggenpohl was releasing modernisations in kitchenware that had never been seen before. They were the first company to do away with clunky, clumsy wooden knob handles that traditionally emblazoned the front of kitchen cabinets. These were replaced with a significantly more streamlined strip handle, which was built into the front of the drawer or cupboard itself, giving the unit a more slender, sleek appearance.

poggenpohl kitchen

Fast forward to the modern day, and Poggenpohl are still the forerunners of kitchen innovation. With the invention of the ‘smart home’, the designer was the first kitchen design company to offer those in the kitchen an integrated entertainment and smart technology hub, in 2004.

One thing is for certain, Poggenpohl kitchens, and the name associated with them, are synonymous with luxury. They have consistently been a company that has not only offered smart solutions in kitchen furnishings, technology, and design, but they do so with an elegance that is unparalleled. Owning a Poggenpohl kitchen not only means that you own something truly unique, as all of their kitchens are built to order, but you will also own a kitchen that offers incomparable indulgence.