Personalising Your Second Hand Kitchen

Buying a pre-loved kitchen can save you a lot of money while still making your home look like it belongs in a lifestyle magazine. And once you’ve found your one true kitchen, there are things you can do to make it feel like it’s really and truly yours. It’s possible to stamp your personality on a second-hand kitchen while still retaining its style, especially if you try one of our simple and effective ideas.

Colour Your Cupboards

red kitchen cupboards

As long as you do a neat job, painting your cupboard doors can make your kitchen look bright and interesting, as well as adding your own personal touch. Just be sure to check your colour scheme in advance and pick one you know you’re going to be happy with. While you can go for bright colour clashes, it’s always best to get a tester pot first and check the colours work together in way you really like. The colour wheel is your friend, and tools like Paletton can help you decide your mixes and matches.

Use Unique Furniture

colorful kitchen chairs

If your kitchen is big enough to have additional furniture, this is where you can really have some fun. Matching your kitchen table and chairs to the style of your kitchen can make it all look extremely stylish and well put together. But equally, if you deliberately pick some furniture that’s artfully mismatched with your kitchen, it can add character and a unique look to your room. Again, as with colour choices, make sure you look at the style contrast as carefully as possible, to check it works the way you want it to.

Look at Your Lighting

The lighting in a room can completely change its character, and the right sort of lighting can make a room multifunctional too. Give your kitchen a boost with worktop lighting that fits underneath your cupboards and lights your surfaces from above, even more than your main kitchen lighting does. This sort of lighting is also pleasant to use in the evening, without your main lights on, to create an ambient atmosphere for dinner at the kitchen table. Strategically placed uplighters can change the character of your room, while a funky lightshade can add a bit splash of colour and creativity to any kitchen.

For a really unique look, you can get colour-changing LED lights that you can stick anywhere in your kitchen, changing the hue whenever you want with a remote control.

Customise Your Counter

If you followed our blog post about the top 10 ways to personalise your worktop, you’ll know there are many options for adding colour and character to your second-hand kitchen. Neutral worktops can be replaced with bright or even sparkly ones, to give your kitchen a touch of creativity. Printed splashbacks can also be created with any imagery you like, so you can add your favourite colour, picture or pattern to your kitchen.

Fix Up a Feature Wall

Find a beautiful image you love, and see if it fits the style of your second-hand kitchen. If it does, you can have it printed up as a mural or custom wallpaper to brighten up a feature wall in your kitchen. This turns any neutral and tasteful kitchen into an unusual space that perfectly showcases your personality. You can also choose to paint your feature wall a bright colour, again taking into consideration the colour of the kitchen fittings and picking something that goes with it.