Nigella’s new kitchen causes controversy

They say that a change is as good as a rest. That certainly seems to be true for beleaguered TV chef, Nigella Lawson, who appears to be hoping for a brighter culinary future, according to a recent article in the Daily Mail. Miss Lawson has eschewed the traditional, boring and bland and opted instead for a bright pink kitchen for her West London home. Experts suggest the bespoke units cost her in the region of £100,000.
Kitchen Exchange director, Neil Bernard was less than impressed with them, however. He was quoted in the article as being concerned about the vibrant kitchen’s resale value.

According to Neil, “‘Its a brave colour to go for, for a kitchen. Its very loud, and its not going to be to everyones taste; so when she comes to move out its very likely the next owners are going to want to get rid of it.”

Neil went on, “The most common modern kitchen is slick and white or grey, neutral colours. ˜This pink is not going to add value to the property. Any buyers are likely to want to rip it out “ but high net worth individuals like to make the most of their money too, so even if they rip out a £100,000 kitchen, they might sell it on through a firm such as ours for £30,000.

He also criticised the layout. “The actual use of space was pretty awful in terms of design. A large space was left in the middle where there could have been an island, making it a focal place for the family it had a very cold feel.

Kitchen Exchange specialises in buying and selling good quality used and ex-display kitchens of all shapes, sizes, makes and models. While the company is used to handling kitchens that have been personalised to reflect their former owners’ style and daily routines, they have found that the most popular styles for re-selling are less outlandish and not so unusual or difficult to envisage in an other owner’s house.

Still, the extra kudos of owning a kitchen once used by a celebrity chef may well help this striking pink kitchen retain more of its original value than would otherwise be the case, should Nigella ever decide to sell it.

In the meantime, the Kitchen Exchange team wishes her many a happy hour enjoying her new kitchen and entertaining guests with her legendary cuisine.