Discover The Hidden Value In Your Kitchen

The kitchen may well be the heart of the home, but it can also help replenish the wallet as well. Thinking about the room as a money-spinner may not be forefront of most people’s minds, but with a bit of careful planning and canny marketing, your kitchen can make a financial contribution that matches its practical one. Here’s how.

Add value to the house

Fitting the right kitchen in your home can add thousands to its value when you come to sell. Buyers are looking for well-equipped, attractive kitchens that offer practicality, flexibility and visual appeal. When choosing your new kitchen, look for decent storage space, expansive work surfaces, good quality appliances and fittings and a well-planned layout. If you can find an ex-display or second hand kitchen that fits the ill, so much the better for your pocket.

Cooking for profit

Are you a keen baker? Do you like making jams and preserves, or could you start a business preparing and delivering hot meals for people unable to cook for themselves for whatever reason? How about crafts like flower arranging, sewing or toy making? Using your kitchen to run a business does require an element or legal red tape at the beginning, not to mention various hygiene and food standard hoops to jump through, but once that has been sorted, you can establish a successful business from your kitchen oven, larder or table-top.

Antique hunt

The demand for antique kitchenware for display purposes or even regular use is showing no signs of diminishing. People love to embrace the past and show off the kitchen equipment of the past. Some examples of culinary items that used to be in regular use but are now sough-after antiques include copper jelly moulds, cider jars, spice jars and even more prosaic items like sink taps, weighing scales and meat safes. What lucrative items is your kitchen hiding?

Room hire

Is your kitchen large enough to host cookery lessons? Even if you are not inclined to run such sessions yourself, there may be someone local to you looking for the perfect venue to do so instead. Popular cookery lesson topics include children’s sessions, student ‘kitchen survival’ courses, men-only lessons and advanced bakery techniques like patisserie. Or if your kitchen is evocative of a certain time period, could you approach any location hire companies to offer it is a filming location?

Thinking big when it comes to your kitchen’s earning potential could help you save for Christmas, pay for a holiday or even just invest in more cooking and baking equipment. The choice is yours!