Colours And Kitchen Trends For 2015

According to House Beautiful magazine, rich Mediterranean blues are going to be a popular colour choice for designer kitchens in 2015. Olive greens, too, are going to be seen in several kitchens in the UK, thanks to their calming tones and reminders of delicious Italian cookery and summer holidays to come. Some people are even backing black as a key colour for the year’s more dramatic kitchen designs. Here are some more trends that are being predicted to appear and develop throughout the coming year.

Funky furniture

As more of us see the kitchen as the hub of the home to entertain, gather and socialise in, as well as cook and prepare food, so a larger variety of furniture will find its way in. Stylish cabinets and cupboards and functional chairs and stools will not look out of place and the faithful kitchen table will claim pride of place in many homes over the next 12 months.

Open storage

Open-plan kitchens will continue to thrive, with the idea extending to storage. Open shelves will hold pretty containers and co-ordinating bottles and jars. Kitchens with fewer closed cupboards and more open-plan storage solutions will look larger and more welcoming, offering an airy feel and plenty of space to encourage culinary creativity.

Wow-factor walls

Kitchen wallpaper no longer just has to be practical. Designer style is entering this most functional of rooms, with feature walls and stand-out wallpaper no longer a rarity. Even radiators and kitchen heating can look stylish and fun. If you are unable to change the wallpaper, or don’t have the room to let it make an impact, a bright picture, clever LED lighting or a statement ornament can help make a big difference to the look and feel of the room.

Mixing it up

Designer kitchens are often more flexible nowadays and many of t 2015’s predicted trends combine several styles to make the room truly personal to the householder. So traditional countertops and cupboards can co-exist with eclectic wall hangings, while retro utensils can sit alongside the latest in sink or cooker designs. 2015 designer kitchens seem to be all about having fun and experimenting with different ideas.

Tactile textures

Luxury metallic finishes and smooth woods are going to continue to be popular this year, along with natural finishes such as marble and granite. It’s all about the touch, with designers looking to incorporate tactile materials into their kitchens as much as possible. Visually appealing patterns will also be fashionable, especially those incorporating natural textures and inspirations.