Celebrating The Kitchen Sink

The phrase ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ perfectly captures how central the humble sink is to our daily lives. While we don’t pack it and take it with us on holiday, our lives nevertheless revolve around it. Yet despite its functionality, its design needn’t take a back seat. Here are some ways to make your sink stand out.

Shape and size

Sinks can come in all sorts of shapes and layouts, from one large basin to a series of smaller compartments, each with their own taps and pug holes. They can be designed to fit in an existing hole in the countertops or made to stand out in an architectural form all of their own. They can evoke times past, as is the case with imposing Victorian butler’s sinks, or scream out the latest fashion to place your kitchen firmly on trend.

Colour and materials

Again, the versatility of the kitchen sink allows a wide choice of colours and materials form the practical stainless steel to the crazy but fabulous diamond or gold plate. A key factor to consider when choosing your colour and material is durability. However much you want to make a statement, your sink will come in for heavy use during its lifetime and you don’t want to have to replace it every few months. Alongside stainless steel, other good options for lasting materials include natural stone, composite granite, resin and toughened glass. All sturdy, easy to wipe clean from water marks and attractive to look at.


Your choice of accessories for your sink includes everything bar, well, the kitchen sink. You can add waste disposal units, water filter devices, instant hot water taps and built in draining boards. On the less costly side of things, there are cutlery drainers, washing-up liquid dispensers, novelty plugs and non-slip rubber mats. All adaptable to your chosen style, size and décor. The list is endless – you can have real fun with this, and change the styles around according to your mood at the time.


In a smaller kitchen, you may not have too many options when it comes to placing your sink. Existing pipes and plumbing will also impact on where it goes. However, if you have the space and are willing to pay for pipes to be relocated, your options will open up considerably. If you have chosen a designer sink to stand out as the focal point of the room, think about placing it opposite the door so you spot it the moment you enter the room. Or even add it to a central island for even more impact.

If you anticipate hours of standing in front of it washing up or prepping veg, put it by the window so you can enjoy the view as you work. Metallic sinks will benefit from being placed where the light from the window or light fittings will bounce off it to the best effect. Your kitchen designer will be able to offer more advice about positions and costings.