Bringing Patterns Into Your Kitchen

Kitchens don’t have to be dull. They can reflect your personality and lifestyle as closely or as loosely as you like. Colours can match the rest of the house, or provide a vivid contrast. A great way to add character into your kitchen is to introduce patterns to soothe the soul and inspire the imagination. Here are some ways to achieve some perfect patterns this spring.


An easy win can be found in your kitchen linens, curtains and blinds. There are limitless designs to be found, which can all match or clash, as per your wishes. Consider choosing a colour theme, or type of pattern for the most pleasing aesthetic effects. For example, stick to geometric zigzags and stripes, flowers or swirly spirals for everything and see what different colour combinations look like next to each other. Match your tea towels to your curtains and blinds. You could even add to the effect with co-ordinating cushions, oven gloves, aprons, throws or tablecloths.


Adding patterns to the walls will really help you make your mark on your kitchen,. Whether you use wallpaper or paints, the pattern options are once again endless. If you don’t feel bold enough to change entire walls, consider creating one feature wall using bright, primary colours. Frame a piece of striking material or an unusual print to add an attractive and unique accent. A well-placed mirror will reflect patterns beautifully and introduce fascinating light effects to the entire room.


Modern kitchens are introducing patterns in all kinds of unexpected places. Fridges, countertops and even oven splash-backs are all fair game for interesting designs. Tiles come in all sorts of shapes and patterns too, and can really pep up a plain sink area. There are even patterns to be found in taps, lampshades and radiators if you look closely enough – it’s time to think laterally for some amazing results.

Edible patterns

Appreciating food with the eye and well as the taste buds can also help enhance the look of your kitchen. An overflowing fruit bowl will add stunning colours and shapes to the picture, while neatly stacked jars and tins can have their own appeal. Fresh flowers bring stunning patterns indoors from the garden and vegetables lined up in the rack ready to be chopped up for a tasty meal also look both delicious and inviting in their symmetry and simplicity.

Plates, pots and pans

Putting patterned crockery on display immediately adds appeal, especially if you can find matching serving dishes, storage jars and tea sets. Or a collection of different, eclectic pieces of patterned china can offer a homely, relaxed vibe. Perhaps you might like to stick to one colour or metal type for your pots and pans, adding to the overall effect.