Autumn Kitchen Design Trends

Autumn is just around the corner, with its rich colours and cosy, misty feel. Salads, barbecues and picnics will soon give way to casseroles, soups and stews, yet it is no time to mourn the loss of the sunshine. Give your kitchen an autumnal make over with the following design ideas.

All things bright and beautiful

Think Autumn, think harvest with its abundance of fruit and veg. Bring the richness of the fields into the kitchen with overflowing bowls of fruit, sprays of branches laden with berries in tall vases and beautiful corn dollies and displays on the window sills and shelves. A table display of pumpkins, squashes, berries and conkers would look amazing. Replace old tea towels with new versions in earthy colours like burgundy, chocolate and gold.

Sensory success

Don’t limit yourself to the colours of autumn; think about the smells and textures as well. Scented candles or incense sticks can change the mood of the entire room, while the addition of wicker baskets and cosy woollen throws will add a touch of comfort and rustic charm in the lead up to the winter months. Fresh flowers also add a burst of colour and remind us of the summer just gone.

Cosy cooking

The bulkier meals of autumn need to be cooked in the right dishes and bowls to complete the feeling of seasonal warmth. Large casserole dishes, cast-iron pots and pans and well-oiled roasting tins all look lovely and help create delicious meals. Don’t forget to add plenty of herbs and spices. Get out the baking ware too – The Great British Bake Off is just about to return to our TV screens, so get inspired and create some tasty cakes and spiced biscuits for an autumnal afternoon treat.

Simple, yet effective

You don’t have to spend a fortune on getting your kitchen ready for autumn. There are hundreds of free, or low cost design ideas available online. Some examples include filling jam jars with pine cones or conkers collected on an autumn walk and displaying them on a shelf or kitchen table. Or you could use colourful beans or pulses to turn the jars into functional storage items too.

Keep out the cold

Some changes that you could make to the kitchen will also help keep out the colder weather as it approaches. Hanging heavier curtains or blinds, for example, will help keep windows or doors draught free. Putting down mats on the floor will keep your feet warm and keeping lit candles on the work surface will warm the soul as well as your hands if required.