8 Things You Don’t Need To Have In Your Kitchen

Whether you are aspiring to a minimalist kitchen, or are simply setting one up for the first time and don’t have an enormous budget to hand, there are many ways you can cut costs and reduce clutter in the kitchen. Advertising gurus would have us believe that our lives would not be complete without the latest ‘this, that, or the other’, but this needn’t always be the case. Here are eight common kitchen utensils that can be dispensed of pretty easily.

Egg poacher

There’s no denying the comfort and pleasure of eating a properly poached egg, but you don’t need a separate gadget to produce one. A mug and a microwave can be just as effective, or crack your egg into a single muffin pan and heat it up in a saucepan of boiling water.

Pizza wheel

Great fun and cute to have in the kitchen but ultimately superfluous. Just use a knife or scissors to cut your pizza wedges. Less to wash up, and fewer gadgets cluttering up the drawer.

Roasting rack

Think this is essential to produce the perfect roast? Think again. You can get the same crispy results by fashioning a small ring of rolled up tin foil and placing it in the roasting tin, under the joint. Or sit the meat on top of a layer of chopped onions, potatoes or other vegetables.


Another utensil that takes up valuable cupboard or drawer space unnecessarily. To pour liquid or wet ingredients into a bowl, make your own funnel out of an empty plastic water bottle – cut off the end and position it, neck down into the bowl. Curl wax paper into a cone to create a funnel for dry ingredients.

Garlic press

A nightmare to clean and complicated to operate. Although they help keep your fingers clean, isn’t getting stuck in what cooking is all about? Get out your knife and get chopping!

Toaster / sandwich maker

No kitchen seems to be without one. However, you can save space by using your oven grill instead. Saves all those crumbs gathering in the toaster tray, ready to fall out the moment you try to move it.

Rolling pin

Another ‘one-use’ utensil that can be replaced with a full wine bottle wrapped in cling film. Place the wine in the fridge for a bit before using it to roll the pastry to add a helpful extra chill.

Kitchen aid / mixer

While this useful piece churns and mixes your baking for you, removing the effort and creating a light, fluffy cake mix, it can easily be replaced with a smaller handheld mixer, or even some good, old fashioned patience and elbow grease. Likewise a juicer simply takes up room in a busy kitchen – save time cleaning it out afterwards by simply squeezing the fruit juices out by hand.