Before and After Kitchen Makover – Used Smallbone Kitchen

A kitchen renovation can feel intimidating and can be a big investment for a homeowner, but a well-done job can transform a house into a home. Whether your kitchen is long, narrow, small or wide,  kitchen exchange will find you the perfect kitchen that will fit your home like an oven glove!  To help you visualise the process we’ve gathered an incredible remodelling of a Used Shaker Style Smallbone Kitchen.

This top-notch kitchen was purchased from our site at the end of last year and shipped to France to be installed in its new home. The original price of the kitchen was £70,000 and the new owners bought everything (including all appliances) for only £7,995!


Pick & Choose Kitchen Elements

The main challenge when buying a new kitchen is fitting it into the available space you have in your own home, however, this might seem more complicated than it ends up being. Most of the kitchens have a number of elements that don’t necessarily need to fit your kitchen. We recommend you to look at the different kitchens parts such as the kitchen island, cabinets,  free standing kitchen pantries, shelves, appliances or kitchen worktops as individual elements to pick & choose from rather than a compact pack that must all fit your liking and space. The reduced price of a used or ex-display kitchen will let you play around with your budget and get rid of what doesn’t work with your space or doesn’t match your taste.

Here a few examples of elements that were exchanged from the Smallbone Kitchen:

The Kitchen Tap

As you can see the sink has been kept the same but the new owners have put in a new tap which modernisers and makes the whole sink area look much newer.


The Oven & Hob

This Smallbone kitchen was first installed in 2005 and it did have a traditional old-school cooker. The new owners decided to replace this with a newer oven unit to give the kitchen a modern/traditional mix. Putting more up to date appliances is one of the best ways to make a traditional kitchen look newer.


The Island and the Worktops

With any kitchen you buy, you can choose to replace as many elements as you want. Because all used kitchens on our site are in excellent condition, these beautiful granite worktops have stayed with the kitchen. The little side part you see on the right-hand side of the before picture was chosen to be removed to create a more minimalistic and clean space around the kitchen. This separate side unit could’ve been placed somewhere else in the kitchen for a great storage option.


 Play with your Space

Once you’ve picked the elements you like, it’s time to fit them into your space. We recommend that you begin by taking measurements of your kitchen space and reviewing the kitchen dimensions of the kitchen you are looking to purchase (you’ll find them at the bottom of the kitchen page, see image below). Choosing a kitchen layout can be a little overwhelming at first, not only do you need to consider the feel and style of the kitchen but also the placement of the appliances. To make this step a little easier, read our blog “Choosing Your Kitchen Layout” for a few tips on what to take into account and what to avoid.


Make it Your Own – Time to Decorate!

Of course with every new kitchen, you have you want to dazzle it up! If you would like some inspiration on how to customise your kitchen and add your own little touch to it, have a read of our blog: Kitchen DIY: 4 Top Tips to Improve Your Kitchen Space!  Another great tip that many people like to do after buying a used kitchen is to repaint over the units and cupboards and replace all the handles on them to newer ones. Just by doing this your kitchen will look brand new and it truly is decorated by you!

painted kitchen units

We hope you have enjoyed and found this blog helpful! If you would like to see more before and after pictures of other kitchens that have been sold through Kitchen Exchange please visit our Testimonials page here: