6 of the Best Celebrity Kitchens

6 of the Best Celebrity Kitchens

If you’ve ever wondered where your favourite celebrity makes their first cup of tea in the morning or fixes a snack before bed, we’ve got some good news for you. We’ve gathered some pictures of real celebrity kitchens so you can get a glimpse into the private cooking and dining spaces of some of the world’s most well-known stars.

Courtney Cox


Celebrity Kitchen 1 - counrtney cox Kitchen


Courtney Cox became famous in her role as Monica in Friends, and this is a kitchen that neat freak Monica herself might choose.  With all those bright white surfaces, it would definitely need to be kept clean to look its very best. And the floor, with its big stylish tiles, looks extremely easy to clean. Monica would be very proud.

Lady Gaga


Celebrity Kitchen 2 - Lady Gaga Kitchen


You might expect something a bit more eccentric from such an avant garde star as Lady Gaga, but her kitchen is actually very timeless and classic, with neutral beige paintwork that complements the dark wood floor, beams and furniture. We can only imagine that Gaga wanted a room that wouldn’t compete with some of her more outrageous outfits.

Cameron Diaz


Celebrity Kitchen 3 - Cameron Diaz Kitchen


Cameron Diaz is famous for her quirky style and lovable character, and this kitchen is so very her. It’s got an unusual light fitting, and the bright green is quite an out there choice for the cupboards but it still works and manages to look sophisticated rather than flashy. The brass taps and copper splashback contrast against the colour scheme of the kitchen, but in a rustic and exotic way that doesn’t seem faddy or outlandish.

Anne Hathaway


Celebrity Kitchen 4 - Anne Hathaway Kitchen


This celebrated actress has a view to die for, with vistas of the river in Brooklyn and the New York skyline. Her kitchen doesn’t try to compete with the visual feast outside but instead frames it with a clean black and white colour scheme and neutral wood floor.

Jennifer Lawrence


Celebrity Kitchen 5 - Jennifer Lawrence Kitchen


Jennifer Lawrence is renowned for being confident, relaxed and fun. And judging by the kitchen she comes downstairs to every morning, we’re not at all surprised. With its light colour scheme, beautiful wooden island and furniture, and the fresh greenery outside for privacy, we’d be pretty happy to make our breakfast here too.

Bruce Willis


Celebrity Kitchen 6 - Bruce Willis Kitchen


Another very masculine-looking kitchen for one of Hollywood’s most famous action heroes. Bruce Willis’s kitchen is full of dark wood, minimalistic fittings, and furniture. The open fire and exposed stone is a timeless touch that makes it an evening hangout space as much as a daytime cooking one.