5 Tips to a More Sustainable Kitchen

When it comes to living a more sustainable lifestyle, there are many little things that can help you make a difference. Eco-friendly used kitchens are not only beneficial to our planet earth but also living a more sustainable life can help you to live a healthier, more conscious life and even save some cash. Here at Kitchen Exchange, we want to share these 5 tips to help you to turn your kitchen green:

Fill your dishwasher

Everyone who had to do the dishes by hand for some time knows to appreciate a dishwasher and how it has changed their life. This little helper can save a lot of your time and arguments in the household. However, you should always make sure that your kitchen hero is completely full before you use it. Everything else would be an immense waste of water and electric power. So, enjoy the luxury of your dishwasher but do it responsibly!

Full Dishwasher | Kitchen Exchange

Enjoy a home cooked meal

Eating take-out or TV dinners have become quite popular in the UK. However, those who cook fresh food in their homes have the advantage to eat healthier, save money and produce less packaging waste. By choosing one day a week to meal prep you can avoid having to cook or order in every day. This way you have prepared meals the entire week and you don’t have to spend every day in the kitchen. By choosing regional and seasonal products you can live a more sustainable lifestyle and make healthy food choices.

Homemade Meal | Kitchen Exchange

Store your food correctly

Storing leftovers correctly helps to keep the food fresh for a longer time and minimize your food waste. Try using plastic or glass containers instead of cling film or aluminium wrap to save natural resources and to minimize your kitchen waste. Additionally, make sure that you store your groceries correctly. Many groceries such as flour, potatoes or muesli need to be stored in a dark and cool place in your kitchen. Therefore, make sure to find a place in your cupboards to store your supplies.

Store your Food | Kitchen Exchange


Less waste

Less food packaging means less waste. Try to minimize your household waste to a minimum. One way to do so is to go to the local market to buy fresh fruits and veggies. You can bring your own cotton bag and therefore reduce the amount of your packaging waste. In addition, you will enjoy the tasty dishes you can make with your fresh and healthy supplies!

Use less Waste | Kitchen Exchange

Buy a second-hand kitchen

Buying second-hand kitchen or even sharing with your neighbours or colleagues can save you a lot of cash. It will also help you to contribute to a more sustainable society. With the help of Kitchen Exchange, you can even find entire used kitchens in perfect conditions. Buying an ex-display kitchen or a used kitchen does not only save you money, but you are also doing planet earth a favour. Sharing, recycling and reusing utensils as well as kitchens are a great way to make your kitchen greener.

Used Kitchen Dada Designer White Kitchen by Kitchen Exchange
Dada Italian Designer Used Kitchen at Kitchen Exchange

Make the first step into a more eco-friendly life by selling your used kitchen to Kitchen Exchange or by purchasing an ex-display kitchen from our selection.