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Spring in the kitchen

Spring is officially here and where better to celebrate the fresh new season than in the kitchen? Here are some fun ways to welcome in the spring and make the most of the busiest room in the house. Whether it is a luxury bespoke kitchen or a designer ex display kitchen, the whole family can […]


Ten top tips from Kitchen Exchange on how to make Mother’s Day

Families across the UK are preparing to give mums the best Mothers’ Sunday ever on Sunday 26 March. To honour the contributions mothers, grandmothers, relatives and carers make to families across the country, used kitchen specialist, Kitchen Exchange is offering ten top kitchen-themed ideas for treating mums this Mothers’ Day: Start the day with breakfast […]

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Minimalism in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so it is tempting to think that it needs to be full of stuff in order to be useful. However, this isn’t the case at all. Often, an overly-full kitchen can be counter-productive, as it causes things to go missing or get knocked over […]


The food of love? Bringing Valentine’s Day into the kitchen

On first reflection, it might seem that only the bravest partner would dare to bring the kitchen into their plans for Valentine’s Day – after all, isn’t the day all about celebrating and spoiling your loved one, rather than making meals and cleaning? Yet the kitchen can provide plenty of inspiration when planning the perfect […]

The American Kitchen

The inauguration of a new American president has put the USA at the top of the news agenda this month. Whatever we may, or may not think of the new man at the top, the ‘American dream’ has been providing interior design inspiration for decades. Here’s how to bring an American feel into your new, […]

8 things you don’t need to have in your kitchen

Whether you are aspiring to a minimalist kitchen, or are simply setting one up for the first time and don’t have an enormous budget to hand, there are many ways you can cut costs and reduce clutter in the kitchen. Advertising gurus would have us believe that our lives would not be complete without the […]